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  • Dragon Ball Z Episode 2
  • Dragon Ball Z Episode 1
  • Naruto Shippuuden 147 (0)
  • Naruto Shippuden 57-58 (0)
  • Death Note Is Finished (5)
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  • Yu Gi Oh episode 3 (4)
  • Yu Gi Oh episode 10 (0)

  • Update 3

    After a little research we created a menu at the top of the page that let's the user get where it wants vey fast

    Update 2

    We just opened the NGNT project that belongs completly to this site and the site users whit over 100 posts will get it begore the launch.We also started to upload a lot of anime tipes that you can watch online!
    Also We will create a totaly New Design(kick Ass)

    Update 1

    Now we have 9 tv chanels only for you to watch and it is free!!

    Site reset is finished!

    New things where added:New Dessing,New Sections,New Flash contents(amvs,miusic,Tvonline) and many others!

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  • Naruto vs Dbz arena
  • Nagato's pain

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